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The silver grass abounds on the Lanyang Riverside.The silver-white Miscanthus sways as the autumn wind blows.

The silver-white S.spontaneum L. blooms and shines in the autumn wind and the sunshine. A large array of dazzling silver-white flowers covers the earth under the blue sky and dance with the wind. The Miscanthus on the Riverside swings in the wind and looks like a white carpet from afar. It is the autumn scenery that visitors must visit at the Lanyang River in Ilan.


Every autumn and winter, under the influence of the northeast monsoon, the dust of the exposed riverbed can be easily stirred up. Every year, the First River Management Office would apply to the Water Resources Agency of the Ministry of Economic Affairs for the implementation of the Dust Restraining Program to review and plan the Dust Restraining Method and the Vegetation Restoration Site for Miscanthus. And S.spontaneum L. and other Miscanthus species would be planted each year in each section as the repopulation bed.


S.spontaneum L. is the best crop to prevent wind blowing and stabilize sand. It not only effectively prevents flying dust and purifies water, but also creates a unique view along the Lanyang River.


As the autumn comes, it is also time for S.spontaneum L. along the Lanyang River to bloom.


At present, at the bank of Lanyang River, we can see S.spontaneum L. flowers like a piece of soft white carpet spread across the entire river bed from the GaMaLan Bridge, Taiya Bridge, Cu Valley, Zai Lian, Savior Bodhisattva Temple beside Provincial Highway No. 7 and HuLuDu Bridge.


The scenery of Miscanthus in autumn is rich in layers.


The beautiful scene only appears through a few solar terms from the Autumnal Equinox to the Winter Solstice. This is a season-specific view that is only available in autumn and winter along the Lanyang River. It is recommended that you arrive at the site to film and enjoy the beautiful scenery as early as possible.