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Organization of the Agency

There are four Sections and three Offices of First River Management Office, WRA, MOEA, including Planning Section, Engineering Section, Management Section, Property Management Section, Secretarial Office, Accounting Office, Personnel Office, Civil Service Ethics Office. 



□ Planning Section 
Planning, survey, statistics and analysis of river improvement projects and hydrological data. 

□ Engineering Section 
Construction, landscaping and flood prevention of river and coastal protection facilities. 

□ Management Section 
Disposal of riverside reclaimed land, issuance of public riverside land farming and sand collection permits, handing of illegalities in river zones and promotion of river care projects. 

□ Property Management Section 
Hydraulic engineering land expropriation/management and information equipment management/maintenance. 

□ Secretarial Office 
Research/development/evaluation, public service, paper work, office and cashier matters. 

□ Accounting Office
Annual statements, accounting and statistics. 

□ Personnel Office 
Personnel management matters. 

□ Civil Service Ethics Office 
Government ethics assurance and auditing matters.