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Congratulations that the upper reaches of Dajiaoxi Bridge won the Gold Award in Water Conservancy

The "River Improvement Project for the Upper Reaches of Dajiaoxi Bridge" carried out by the Department won the "2019 Quality Award for Public Works" issued by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, and it further won the "19th Excellent Gold Award for Public Works in Water Conservancy" on November 15 after the fierce competition.

The Public Works Committee of the Executive Yuan held "19th Gold Award for Public Works", and the list of winners was announced on November 15. The "River Improvement Project for the Upper Reaches of Dajiaoxi Bridge" carried out by the Department stood out from 12 water conservancy projects. The project focused on “Humanity Harmony and River Sustainability” to carry out the greening and beautification design for the river channels. The overall working area, based on characteristics of the river, was divided into three areas: ecologism reserve area, sightseeing cum leisure area and playing cum recreation area. With regard to the cross-section configuration, large stones were closely placed on the both sides of the deep groove on lower reaches to form an apron; sufficient space between the low revetment and the apron was left for waterfront plants to grow up and restore; and the plants were grown on the high bottomland and the existing levee slope for the greening and beautification. And thus, it would create high-quality "water" and "environment". Its design and construction not only considered the mechanism of public participation, but also multiple features in local culture, ecology, environmental protection and innovation. And the overall project’s quality and design concept had got affirmation.

The project was completed on October 30. The river section used natural materials and adopted the principle of sustainable ecology. Walking along the river, pedestrians can delightedly enjoy the natural scenery and feel very comfortable. This project can not only improve the safety of river defense, and it is also expected to be a high-quality tourist attraction in the future.